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    Diploma in Mobile Apps Development

    Course Duration : 03 Months, Course Fee : 15000

    Diploma in Mobile Apps Development

    mobile apps developmentThe Mobile Apps Development training has been developed keeping in mind the huge demand of Automation & AI techniques with the combination of Mobile intelligent systems. Under these 06 Months of Training, Candidate will be focused on developing Mobile Apps for Android & IOS. The consideration of Artificial Intelligent (AI) and Robotics will be an additional era of project work during the Diploma.

    Candidates will also enjoy the development and deployment in the real phenomena of Google Play Store and IOS framework. Each candidates will be provided with 5 unique projects to work and submit to the Google Play store as their scope of work.

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    Topics Covered

    Introduction to Android & IOS:

    • What is Android, History and Version & Scope.
    • Installing & setup JDK, Android Studio & Android Virtual Device (Emulator)
    • Installing & setup Pdanet+ (Real Mobile Device), ADB (Android Debug Bridge)
    • Install & setup Android SDK & Tools (Nougat 25 API Version)
    • Overview of OOPS, Multithreading, AsyncTask
    • Create Application & deploy into Mobile or Emulator, Inter-process communication
    • Android Core Building Blocks (Acivity, Fragment, Services, Content Providers, Broadcast Receivers, Views, Intent, Intent filter)
    • Testing, Debugging, Logcat, DDBMS (Dalvik Debug Monitor Server)
    • How to control Application Crashes from Logcat, control responsive UI in different mobile & control Mobile UI in portrait & landscape mode.

    Introduction to JAVA:

    • Why java?
    • Variables and Constants
    • Interface and Abstract Class


    • What is an Activity?
    • Creating an Activity
    • Deployment of Toast Application

    Introduction to XML on Material Design:

    • Declare an Attribute in XML
    • UI Design
    • UI creation using XML
    • Android manifest file
    • Anmation, Audio & Video

    Intents & Notification:

    • What is Intent?
    • Types of Intent
    • Pending Intent
    • Web Browser Application
    • Page Navigation Application
    • Deploy Applications onto Phone
    • Pending Intent & Push Notification via Firebase Cloud

    Working with User Interface & Event Listener:

    • Button, TextView, Toggle Button, CheckBox, RadioButton, CheckedTextView, Spinner, NestedSpinner, ProgressBar, SeekBar, QuickContactBadge, RatingBar, Switch, Space, AutoCompleteTextView, FloatingActionButton, TabItem, Snackbar, Custom SnackBar, Toast, Custom Toast, AlertDialog, Custom AlertDialog, ImageView, ImageButton, VideoView, Advanced & Custom ImageView
    • TImePicker, DatePicker, CalendarView, NumberPicker, TextClock, Chronometer, CalendarView

    Adapter and Adapter View:

    • Adapter
    • Type Of Adapter
    • Adapter View

    RecyclerView and RecyclerView Adapter

    • Static and Dynamic RecyclerView

    Create Webservices API in PHP and Mysql and using Volley

    Working with GPS: (2 hour)

    • How does GPS system work?
    • Google API

    Android Database Local & Server

    • Shared Preference
    • Sqlite
    • Realtime Database
    • Mysql Database

    UI Fragment & Web Service & Parsing:

    • Fragment
    • What is Web Service?
    • Json And Xml Parsing

    Firebase Integration:

    • Firebase Authentication
    • Abmob
    • Firebase Chatting App
    • Firebase Push Notification
    • Firebase Realtime Database

    Voice Automation System:

    • Text to Voice convert
    • Voice to text convert
    • Application call via voice

    Google Api Console Integration:

    • Youtube Integration
    • How to Make Hotstar App
    • Abmob
    • Google Map
    • Authentication Via SMS gateway using OTP:
    • How to convert website into application
    • Live & Published Android Application on Google Playstore Like Hotstar, Youtube

    Live Application on Playstore & Proguard Tools in Android :

    • Code Optimization, Application size compress & shriking, Encrypt & Secure application
    • Published Android Live Application on Google Playstore

    Who Should Attend

    • Anyone looking to set career into Mobile Apps Development
    • B-Tech, M-Tech, BCA, MCA or Any Graduate
    • Diploma holder or other IT professional


    • Basic of programming knowledge will have an added advantage

    What You Need To Bring

    • Notebooks, Pen, Pencil, sketchbook
    • Laptop with minimal configuration of 4 GB Ram, 500 GB HDD, Intel Dual Core 6th / 7th Generation CPU

    Key Takeaways

    • Hands on Experience on Mobile Apps Development with Project
    • 100% Assured internship in top MNCs

    About Trainer

    • Top Class Trainer with 11+ Years of experience in Programming and Technical Training
    • 6+ Years of Experience in Mobile Apps Develpment
    • Conducted 50+ workshops on Mobile Apps Development
    • 200+ Apps already running on Google Play

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