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    HR Training

    Course Duration : 40 hrs, Course Fee : 30000

    ACLM’s HR Training is a customized solution for Human Resource Planning and Implementation. The key role defined by various organisation require the “Human Resources Generalist”. The HR is really key person within the human resources function of an organisation. Principally, the HR Generalist is responsible for the day-to-day management of HR operations, which means that they manage the administration of the policies, procedures and programme of the organisation.

    Working professionals from different fields with organisational development needs such training for the career prospects.

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    • HR Practical Training on PF, Payroll, ESI, PMS, Laws & 85 Core HR Topics & Placement Support,.
    • During the training candidates will be given exposure on:

    Topics Covered

    HR Training Module 1: Statutory & Legal Compliance

    1. ESI ACT-1948 & PF ACT-1952 a) ESI-Act b) Eligibility c) Contributions From Both Employee & Employer d) Filing( Monthly & Half Yearly) e) Calculations f) Filling The Forms g) Benefits 2. GRATUITY ACT-1972 & BONUS ACT-1965 a) Coverage & Eligibility b) Calculations c) Tax Exemptions Limit

    HR Training Module 2: Compensation and Benefits

    1. PAYROLL PROCESSING a) The pay structure b) Leave management (CL, EL, SL, and ML) c) Basic, HRA, DA, Conveyance, Medical Allowance, Lunch allowance etc d) ESI,PF Calculations e) Calculation of Gross , Net salary & CTC f) Preparation of Break-up salary, Designing CTC and salary break up and discussion on Compensation and benefits. 2. TAX PLANNING FOR SALARIED EMP a) PT- Slab Process b) TDS (Salaried People) c) Slab Process of TDS d) Calculation of TDS for Men, Women, Senior Citizens e) Education Cess f) Routine Tax Planning g) Tax Exemptions Under different Sections

    HR Training Module 2.1: MS Excel- Lab Session

    a) PF report in Excel sheet b) ESI report in Excel sheet c) Professional report Tax d) MIS Reports in Excel sheet. e) Pivot Table f) Auto & Advanced filters g) V-Lookup, H-lookup h) Splits and Freeze panes i) And lots more to prepare MIS Reports.

    HR Training Module 3: Performance Management System

    a) Key aspect/phases of PMS. b) How to set target? c) How to prepare competency mapping. d) How to design a PMS system? e) PMS Audit, what is the need for PMS audit. f) Reward & Recognition System.

    HR Training Module 3.1: Training & Development

    a) on what basis training is provided? b) To whom training is being provided? c) Training Need Analysis. d) Training Module Design. . e) Preparation of Training Calendar. f) Training Feedback analysis. g) Training Budgeting.

    HR Training Module 4: Organizational Development

    a) What is Employee Engagement? b) Why Policies, steps to frame policy HR? Business HR c) What are contributions of HR from business perspective? d) Process for evaluation of Costing of one’s job. e) On what basis a new position is created. f) How to design SOP. g) Methods for controlling attrition rate. h) What is employee budgeting and man power planning?

    HR Training Module 5: HR Generalist

    a) Joining Formalities and Relieving Procedure b) ER Management. c) Exit Interviews. d) Attrition Issues.e) Effective Retention Policies. Disciplinary Action/Termination/Misconduct a) What’s Disciplinary Action? b) Definition of Misconduct/Violation of code ofc) Preparations of Show cause notice/charge sheet. c) Domestic Inquiry d) Termination. e) Provision. Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act 1970 a) Definition b) Different clauses. c) Procedure to be followed. d) Register to be maintained. Trade Union. a) Definition b) Condition/Clause c) Function. d) Benefits and Drawbacks Factory Act 1948 a) Health Register-(Related document and file maintenance) b) Safety – (Related document and file maintenance) c) Welfare-(Related document and file maintenance) d) Working Hours of Adult-(Related document and file maintenance) e) Employment of Yong Person – (Related document And file maintenance) Cases Study and Updates Employee Counseling

    HR Training Module 6: Recruitment & Selection

    a) End-to-End Recruitment process & Head Hunting. b) Hands on Experience on Job Portals i.e., Times, With Sourcing Methodologies. c) Screening, Short-listing of resume. d) Interview Skills & How to conduct Interview.

    HR Training Module 7: Personality Development

    a) How to clear an Interview? b) Negotiation Skills. c) Communication Skills. D) Personality Development

    Who Should Attend

    Key skills and qualifications of a Human Resources Generalist:

    • You must be educated to degree level. You may also be required to hold qualifications related to human resources.
    • You will have had previous experience in the role of Human Resources Generalist or a very similar position and be able to demonstrate your complete understanding of the position.
    • A Human Resource Generalist must be able to analyse and present information in such a way that is understood by everyone within the organisation from the Chairman to the cleaning staff.
    • You must be extremely well organised and methodical in your approach to problem solving and be able to manage filing/database system.


    • Excellent communication skills are a pre-requisite for a HR Generalist as you will be dealing with employees on every level.
    • You must understand the legalities of business law in relation to HR and employee employment rights and how to apply them within your day-to-day work, company policy documentation and staff welfare.
    • You must be able to operate Microsoft Office and be familiar with any other software pertinent to your industry.

    What You Need To Bring

    Laptops / Note books / Pen / Pencil (important points) Note: Recording lectures are not allowed.

    Key Takeaways

    • The complete knowledge on HR Roles
    • Rules & Regulations
    • Implementation of HR Policies in an organisation
    • Maintaining Records and Govt liabilities (taxes)
    • Interviewing, Joining and Induction Process

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