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    How to enroll in distance learning MBA with ACLM- Institute of professional studies?

    distance learning mbaAre you looking for MBA degree after your bachelor’s? Yes, you have taken the right decision for your career goal. Having an MBA degree is a prestige in society. It will give you job enhancement in future. We at ACLM- Institute of professional studies can make your future bright. Many individuals are observed to join jobs very soon. They do it for supporting their family. Another group of aspiring students works to earn their pocket money. We are one among the top 10 institutes with the bench mark in project management and MIS. There is a group of student who earns to complete their education. Thus, it becomes really difficult for all of you to join a full time MBA. Through distance learning MBA at ACLM- Institute of professional studies you can easily get the degree. At the same time you don’t need to attend the classes.

    How to get enrollment in distance learning MBA?

    It is quite easy for you to register with us and our distance learning courses. You can collect the forms and prospectus from our websites today. You can drop in to our office and collect the forms. We also have branch in Guwahati, Assam. ACLM- Institute of professional studies will be more than happy to help you through phone calls or emails.

    Procedure for student’s enrollment within the city

    If you are staying in Delhi- NCR, Noida OR Gaziabad, you can fill in form manually by visiting the institute. You have to submit all the photocopies of your credentials along with an admission fee. Yes, that’s all for enrolment within the city at ACLM- Institute of professional studies.

    Procedure for student’s enrollment outside the city

    distance learning mba by cvruIf you don’t stay in any of the places where the branches of MBA institute are present, you have an advantage of online entry. You will get the form online for your MBA studies. Just fill up the form online or download it. Then you can attach the scanned copies of your certificates along with the form and send to the email address of institute. The admission fee can be send through the bank transfer as well. As soon as the person concerned of ACLM- Institute of professional studies receives your fee along with all documents, you will get the conformation of your admission.

    Scopes of distance learning MBA

    The distance learning MBA has wider scope in the market. If you are already working, you need a degree for promotion. You can easily enroll in distance learning MBA. Just after completion of the degree, you can get a hike in your post in the same firm.

    These days most of the companies are accepting candidates with distance learning MBA.  The regular or full time degree is no more compulsory. Students with knowledge on the particular subject can get the job. Thus, the scope of MBA in distance is widening.

    How to get study materials for MBA?

    Getting the study material from ACLM- Institute of professional studies is quite easy. You don’t need to do anything at all. As you have completed the admission procedure, the institute will send you the entire book stack at home through post. If you are staying in the same city, you can visit the institute and collect the study material.

    MBA in less course fee

    There was a time when MBA was a dream to many of us. Many talented students cannot get chance in MBA due to high course fees. But, distance learning MBA will rule out this factor. You can now get MBA – degree in affordable course fees. You can now find many folks enroll for distance studies. This is possible as the course fees are really sound. Even you can get the benefit of part payment or installments. These courses have made wider ease for students with different economic background.

    No attendance needed

    If you are going for a full time MBA, attendance is needed. But, with distance learning MBA you don’t at all have to attend classes. You can study at your home comfort. You can get your study resources through post from the centre. If you have any queries about the subject, guides can be contact any time. The PCP or personal contact programs are planned by the famous faculties. You need to attend those programs. Don’t worry; those classes are just 3-4 days in every semester. Once you have attended the program, you will get the full turnout certificate.

    Easy enrollment

    Some people cannot go for MBA as they cannot qualify the entrance exam. But, with distance learning MBA you don’t have worry. It is not required to sit for a tough entrance exam. Thus, more students can study the course. You get full freedom to study any time as per your ease. There is flexibility to sit for semester exam. You don’t need to sit for all subjects in a same semester. You can divide it into two parts and give the exam as per your convenience. You get a wider flexibility to study on your own.

    So, what are you waiting for? Just visit the website and look in to the dates of MBA admission. Hurry up; your MBA degree is away from you by few clicks of mouse button.

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