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  • Internet Marketing Programme: India’s No. 1 Internet Marketing Training Institute

    Internet Marketing Programme Overview is designed for job seekers, professionals, entrepreneurs & beginners. Register for free Demo at 72899 89188 or drop a mail to

    Course Duration: 3 Months, Course Fee: 15,000/=


    Internet Marketing Programme Overview is from one of the 15 modules designed by ACLM. “Internet Marketing Overview” is the first one to learn in advanced internet marketing training program. Internet Marketing Overview will set you to how your business can be accelerated very fast. You can set your target very easily and can earn more and more.

    We can assure you that on completion of the internet marketing training programme you can plan & implement your marketing strategies in a better way. You will have a full ideas on limiting the control over content. You can better write about your products and also for other’s you can be a good blogger.

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    What it is Internet Marketing?

    In simple words internet marketing as it-self recognize is marketing over the internet. When a search made through mobile, laptop, tabs or through any devices. Marketing all over the world is getting dependent only on internet technology. With the surprising results over internet campaigns, for any market segments or conducting market research or managing content internet helping all industry with wider results.

    As the dependence growing continuously, there are lot of job / business opportunities with new skill sets. That is internet marketing knowledge. Requirement of marketing and technical knowledge among the professionals, making our course popular.

    Internet Marketing Programme

    Topics Covered

    Definition of Internet Marketing

    On completion of all Marketing Activities, which includes branding, promotions, feedbacks, surveys & advertisements, etc. are done using internet platforms, by the medium of any digital devices like laptops, palmtops, tablets, etc., is called Internet Marketing.

    Internet Marketing Programme: Process

    Internet Marketing becomes popular due to:

    1. Better Visibility
    2. Targeted Customers
    3. Direct Customer values using online surveys
    4. Reporting
    5. Retention Activities

    Internet Marketing Programme: Benefits

    This being the first module in the training program, it emphasizes on building the basics of internet marketing starting from the scratch. This module will help you build strong fundamentals that would further help you in the advanced practical sessions.

    Internet Marketing Overview Training Process

    • Understanding Trend
    • What is Internet Marketing?
    • What you have understand Let’s recall in one go
    • Advantages over traditional marketing approach

    Who Should Attend

    • job seekers
    • professionals
    • entrepreneurs
    • beginners


    • Knowledge of Basic Computer Knowledge
    • Knowledge of Internet Technology

    What You Need To Bring

    • Come with your plan
    • A notepad, pen
    • Any digital devices (laptop, tablets, palmtop)

    Key Takeaways


    You would be able to grasp all the fundamentals of internet marketing, so that you can start doing internet marketing from the scratch.


    On understanding of basics of Internet Marketing, plan about your business, your potential customer, your target location and all marketing research about your business


    A better plan leads to better result. After you have made a business plan, the next step would be implementing the same. This will give you about setting your business account

    About Trainer

    • 7 Years of Experience in Internet Marketing
    • A blogger and Research Analyst
    • A google expert

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